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Pumped storage hydropower acts as a “water battery” that can sustainably power communities

October 05, 2022

By Vik Iso-Ahola

Vik Iso-Ahola was spotlighted in Civil + Structural Engineer to talk about pumped storage projects and how they can help with the energy transition

In the US, pumped storage accounts for 95 percent of the energy storage capacity. And we will need to see more of these projects come online as we continue to navigate the energy transition. The good news? We are seeing pumped storage projects in development. However, there are several barriers to progress in the industry that we will need to overcome.

Vik Iso-Ahola was featured in Civil + Structural Engineer to look at what pumped storage is, how it can help us, the barriers to adoption, and some examples of projects across the US, particularly in the west where pumped storage projects are desperately needed to meet rising energy demands.

Read the full article at Civil + Structral Engineer.

  • Vik Iso-Ahola

    Vik brings nearly 20 years of professional engineering and project management experience as a civil engineer to our waterpower and dams team.

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