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Office Design in a Post-Covid World

April 05, 2021

Current View

Rachel Fitzgerald joins a roundtable of experts to discuss how the pandemic may reshape the modern office in Lighting Design + Application magazine

The more things change, the more they stay the same…and yet, most of us have yet to see life return to the world we knew in 2019. In a recent IES/LD+A survey, 46% of respondents stated their belief that the lighting industry would return to its pre-COVID status in the second half of 2021, while 40% of respondents said not until 2022. Regardless of when industries begin to bounce back, many jobs will be forever altered, a fact perhaps most easily seen in the uncertainty surrounding the future of the office. While many workers crave the face-to-face interaction 2020 deprived us of, others would be happy to make their Zoom calls from a hotel in Tulum for the rest of their days…and others fall somewhere in between.

  • Rachel Fitzgerald

    A senior lighting designer with our team in Denver, Rachel has over 15 years of experience providing exterior and interior lighting designs for hospitality, mixed-use, retail, corporate, civic/government, religious, and recreation facilities.

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