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Towering transformation: Yale revamp of historic structure embraces green design

February 13, 2024

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An iconic campus building gets a sustainable redesign. In School Construction News, learn how we modernized Kline Tower at Yale University.

The mention of New Haven, Connecticut, might bring to mind a sense of history and tradition, but a recent revamp of an iconic Yale University structure clearly has the future as its top priority.

Yale University has reopened Kline Tower, the tallest building on the university’s campus and previously host to its biology labs. The revamped tower—now part of Yale’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences division—introduces open-concept programming space that spurs knowledge-sharing and networking across key departments and disciplines.

  • Shawn Maley

    Shawn has designed client spaces in the education, corporate, light industrial, and government sectors. His specialization is in laboratory planning, and he serves on a board of directors that supports emerging leaders in Butler County.

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