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Design Quarterly Issue 18 | The Future of Design

April 24, 2023

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Thoughts, trends, and innovation from the Stantec Buildings group

The Stantec Design Quarterly tells stories that showcase thoughtful, forward-looking approaches to design that build community. 


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An integrated approach to making life better

When we talk about the future of design the conversation jumps to technology. 

Even if AI is just another tool in the design professional’s toolkit, we can expect it to influence design— just look at the shape of the buildings that came from slide rules and T-squares. 
While tech gets the headlines, the future of design may be about a mindset that isn’t new at all. In this issue, two architects agree that the design profession has an opportunity to take on more responsibility and create holistically as it once did to deal with today’s immense challenges. 
In this issue, we look at how we’re creating our own technology to automate repetitive, or expensive tasks (like scanning an office in 3D) to engineer and design better for clients. We’re exploring alternative delivery models thathelp preserve important design intent in hospitals. We’re examining the issues the emerging vertical farming industry needs to solve to take hold. And we’re talking about what mega factories building solar panels need to succeed in North America. 
Change for change’s sake may sell gadgets, but progress is built on small innovations that make life better.

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