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Turquoise hydrogen producers could capture flourishing graphite market

November 16, 2023

Nathan Ashcroft was featured in Forbes where he discusses the emergence of turquoise hydrogen and how it can drive the energy transition forward

Developments in hydrogen production are helping us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive the energy transition forward. While much of the discussion has been around blue and green hydrogen, turquoise hydrogen is an emerging trend that can provide us with energy as well as a critical mineral for electric vehicles: Graphite.

Nathan Ashcroft was featured in Forbes to highlight the developments of turquoise hydrogen and show how it can help us solve multiple challenges at once. 

Read the full article in Forbes.

  • Nathan Ashcroft

    As a strategic business developer, Nathan is always looking for ways to improve our ability to help our clients. That’s involved expanding our geographical business as well as researching new applications of existing products like bitumen.

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