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What’s the deal with efficiency?

January 31, 2024

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Jennifer Berger and Kim Trapani talk mine energy efficiency with North American Mining Magazine

There are lots of buzzwords floating around the industry around reducing carbon emissions and sustainable mining. But what’s the deal with efficiency in terms of mining and energy? Stantec Mining professionals Kim Trapani and Jennifer Berger talk details about debottlenecking studies, energy audits, and behavior change in the mining industry. They also share common pitfalls they’ve seen as mining companies adopt more sustainable practices.  

  • Jennifer Berger

    Jennifer specializes in delivering safe production, process improvements, financial forecasting, establishing metrics, and monitoring key performance indicators.

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  • Kim Trapani

    Passionate about finding sustainable solutions that reduce society’s impact on the environment, Kim is a ventilation engineer working with our team in Phoenix, Arizona.

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