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Design Hive, Episode 2: April Schneider on making cities more livable 

April 08, 2021

By April Schneider, Diego Barrera and Dominic Weilminster

What we’ve learned from the COVID era about urban planning

Episode two of the Design Hive podcast: New York-based civil engineer and urban planner April Schneider talks about how she sees urban planning evolving in the post-COVID world. 

 “We design for the future that we want. If we continue to design for cars, we will only get more cars. We need to envision a better and different future.”

Listen to podcast:

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  • April Schneider

    As a civil engineer and urban planner, April works on public infrastructure projects. She helps identify opportunities for sustainable or resilient design principles on multidisciplinary projects.

    Contact April
  • Diego Barrera

    Diego has more than a decade of experience bringing architecture and education together.

    Contact Diego
  • Dominic  Weilminster
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