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Research + Benchmarkeing Issue 04 | Inclusion, Diversity, and Wellness

April 19, 2024

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Research + Benchmarking (R+B) insights

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Embedded in everything we do is the fundamental importance of equality, wellness, and representative design

collaborative design process, its equally important to apply soft skills —like listening, understanding, and offering empathy.

As part of our Research and Benchmarking program, we explored design solutions through the lens of inclusivity, diversity, and wellness. And like most good researchers, we started with some questions:

  • Can a room designed with neurodiversity in mind help alleviate anxiety in college students?
  • Safe places set the stage for learning. What design principles can be implemented to promote safety, wellness, and inclusivity in schools?
  • What can Jordan’s Principle projects teach us about designing for equity?
  • How can we design educational facilities to complement programming while strengthening the connection to students?

Find out what we learned in Issue 04 of Stantec’s R+B Publication. 

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