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Published in Mining Magazine: Consulting with the consultants

May 13, 2019

Current View

By Jon Treen

How can mining companies and consultants work together to create the best results and what types of projects are miners seeking help with?

Consultancy firms have become, by far, some of the most comprehensive service providers in mining. When trends change for mines, these companies adapt, and a large percentage of them have decades of experience in one or several specific areas of service work. 

The relationship between the consultant and the operator is evolving, as it has historically parallel to the movements of the industry. MM sought to find out what’s important to mines today, what will be important in the future, and how these partnerships can get the most from their working associations.

In this article,  mining sector leader Jon Treen and mining vice president shares his thoughts on what needs to be addressed in the mining company-consultant connection.

  • Jon Treen

    Jon improves safety and productivity in mine operations. He lives a philosophy of building relationships by caring about his clients’ business and success.

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