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Published in Work Design: Choosing Responsibly: Healthier Materials in the Workplace

April 23, 2020

By Vickie Nicola

Our Vickie Nicola shares why workspace designers have a responsibility to fill spaces with products made of healthier materials

As consumers we want to know where our food comes from, where our clothes are made, and what exactly is in our shampoo. It’s about knowing what chemicals we use or are exposed to in our daily lives. While it’s easier to manage what’s introduced in the home, the workplace is another story. And let’s face it: we spend most of our waking hours in the workplace. The occupants of an office give up that control to the designer. So as designers of workspaces, we have a responsibility to fill them with products made of healthier materials.

Read the full article in Work Design.

  • Vickie Nicola

    A senior interior designer, Vickie has led the design of multiple projects across Southern California. Focusing on sustainability and green-building practices, Vickie designs spaces that improve quality of life.

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