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Renewal Rooms for Nurses

October 12, 2020

Nurses provide quality care, but need care themselves. Our experts tell Workplaces magazine how renewal rooms help nurses recharge

Nursing break rooms are long overdue for a makeover. Nurses are on the frontlines of patient care every day, yet many chronically shortchange their own wellness while on shift. They are often unable to take a meal or restroom break, much less retreat to a room where they can get off their feet for a few minutes. Nurses need and deserve a better atmosphere to recharge their batteries. Renewal rooms are one way to encourage nurses to step away and take a deep breath.

Read the full article in Workspaces magazine.

  • Brenda Bush-Moline

    Brenda is responsible for inspired and energized service for our healthcare clients.

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  • Jessica McNamara

    A planner and interior designer mostly focused on the health sector, Jessica has been instrumental in incorporating virtual reality (VR) practices into our projects.

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