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Published in REDNews: How updates to floodplain mapping will impact Texas

May 07, 2019

Natural disasters, such as catastrophic flooding, challenge the very essence of the community

By Robert Pavur

The state of Texas has seen many dangerous floods in the last 20 years resulting from extreme rainfall. Nearly 5 years ago on Halloween of 2013, 12–14 inches of rain fell in Central Texas, causing Onion Creek to rise 11 feet in 15 minutes and crest at a record 41 feet between Wimberley and Driftwood, Texas. Two years later during the 2015 Memorial Day weekend, those areas again saw 12–13 inches of rainfall over a 4–6 hour period, causing the Blanco River in Wimberley to rise more than 35 feet in 4 hours to a new record flood stage. Just last year, Hurricane Harvey dropped as much as 50 inches of rain over a seven-day period in parts of the Houston/Beaumont area. Communities across the state are still seeing the effects of that storm.

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About the Author

Robert is a project engineer who has provided his clients with civil site and land development consulting services for a variety of development including single and multi-family residences, schools, warehouses, offices, hotels, hospitals, roadway infrastructure, and commercial.

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