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Supporting healthier and more resilient communities through investments in mobility

June 29, 2023

By Kate Jack and Greg Rodriguez

Stantec’s Greg Rodriguez and Kate Jack share key considerations for achieving equity and resilience in any community in the Journal of Public Health and Emergency

Building health and mobility together has the potential to be the key cog in redesigning communities and transforming the way urban development and land use is approached today. Our Smart(ER) Mobility team recently explored the connection in “Supporting healthier and more resilient communities through investments in mobility: A narrative review of the synergies between mobility options and health through the lens of COVID-19,” published in the Journal of Public Health and Emergency.  

The paper introduces and connects concepts such as community resilience, or the capacity of a community to respond positively to crises, and related resilience topics in the context of transportation, technology, and health. This paper represents our Smart(ER) Mobility team’s ongoing focus on the connection between health, mobility, and resiliency, and the role that technology can play in supporting resilient communities through the right approaches to policy and incentives that align with a community’s needs and goals, supporting a more inclusive and resilient transportation system.

Read the full technical paper in the Journal of Public Health and Emergency.

  • Kate Jack

    With a background in telecommunications, energy, and automated technology, Kate leads our global Smart(ER) Mobility team and advocates for the sustainability benefits mobility solutions can have on our environment and communities.

    Contact Kate
  • Greg Rodriguez

    With his experience as an attorney, Greg provides regulatory and policy guidance to clients as they develop the policies and operational frameworks that support innovative transportation technologies.

    Contact Greg
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