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Just Suburbs: Creating Equitable Opportunities in Suburban Development

August 26, 2020

Jason Beske and David Dixon share their insights on how suburbs are ripe with opportunity

The Coronavirus has caused us to rethink many things across our society, including how and where we live and work. Our changing demographics and economy were affecting how we view cities and suburbs before the pandemic. These changes present growing challenges to our suburbs.

The Maryland Department of Planning and the Smart Growth Network held this recorded webinar on Thursday, July 9, 2020. Jason Beske and David Dixon, editors of Suburban Remix: Creating the Next Generation of Urban Places, were joined by Eric Anthony Johnson, Chief of Economic Development, Housing and Neighborhood Services for the City of Dallas, Texas to examine how suburbs can begin to prepare themselves to become communities where the demographic mix presents the opportunity for everyone to thrive.

  • David Dixon

    Residential Architecture Magazine named David to their Hall of Fame as “the person we call to ask about cities"

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  • Jason Beske

    A senior urban designer focused on the opportunities and challenges facing suburbs in America, Jason has worked on large-scale comprehensive plans and civic engagement initiatives as well as neighborhood, district, and high-profile site planning.

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