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Regulation Roundup: How to manage excess soil through “the pause” in Ontario

September 27, 2022

By Joel Van Popta

Will your project involve excess soil? In Environment Journal, Joel Van Popta shares great advice on changes in Ontario’s new excess soil regulations

Whether it is transit lines, highway construction, or pipelines, new infrastructure projects in Ontario are being proposed daily and they are essential to keeping communities functioning. But these projects also have something else in common: they may produce excess soil during construction and/or maintenance and new rules are affecting how this soil is managed.

Some of these rules have been in effect since January 2021, while other rules — currently on “Pause” — are now being implemented starting January 2023. We understand that the temporary suspension of certain aspects of Ontario Regulation 406/19: On-site and Excess Soil Management (mostly tied to filing a notice on the Excess Soil Registry) will end January 1, 2023. As an infrastructure owner and project leader, what are some things to keep in mind to manage excess soil through “the Pause” and with a view to January 1, 2023?

Read the full article at Environment Journal.

  • Joel Van Popta

    Focusing on environmental assessments and remediations, Joel is a professional geoscientist and project manager. His specialties are in hydrocarbon, chlorinated solvent, and metals-contaminated soils as well as insurance claim and litigation support.

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