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Resiliency or sustainability: Which is most important when designing for transit agencies?

April 19, 2019

By Ken Anderson

In Mass Transit, Ken Anderson discusses the balance between resiliency and sustainability when designing for transit agencies

What’s more important: an energy-efficient building or one that has back-up generators? Is access to green space more critical than emergency evacuation routes?

When designing a new facility—especially essential transit agency buildings—does sustainability or resiliency hold the trump card? Can the answer be neither? Or both?

If a transit agency has built or planned a new operations facility within the last five years, it’s fair to assume that addressing resiliency and sustainability played a prominent role in the project’s design. Determining which goals take precedence and where, however, is not black and white—especially given the critical functions transit operations facilities provide in the community.

Read the full article in Mass Transit.

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