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Emergency renewal: Renew Sinai—Phase 3A emergency department renovation

June 03, 2024

Canadian Architect takes a look at how we created human-centered design for the thoughtfully coordinated Mount Sinai ED renovation in Toronto

Mount Sinai Hospital plays a vital role in the lives of many Torontonians, while also conducting world-class research and training. To do so effectively, its facilities need to feel fresh and exemplify leading standards. Since 2009, Stantec's Gail Hannah and Michael Moxam have been collaborating with a close-knit team of seasoned Mount Sinai administrative and clinical staff on renovations throughout the hospital’s 1953 building. This effort has required nothing short of military-style planning, with over 150 sequenced phases and temporary “decants and relocates” to upgrade the hospital while maintaining ongoing 24/7 operations. According to Dr. David Dushenski, Chief of Emergency Medicine at Sinai Health, following a renovation in 2000, the hospital had exceeded the emergency department’s capabilities within only four years. The new emergency department (ED) is now nearing completion, after seven years of phased construction.

Read the full article in Canadian Architect.

  • Michael Moxam

    As vice president and design culture leader of Stantec Architecture, Michael is committed to excellence in all aspects of the design process.

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  • Gail Hannah

    Based in Toronto, Gail is a principal. Focusing on the healthcare sector, she specializes in leading multidisciplinary teams through complex projects while keeping hospital operations running smoothly.

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