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Equity in Stormwater Investments

September 28, 2022

Current View

A new report written by Stantec and the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation recommends ways to make more equitable infrastructure investments

By Mike Antos and  Hayat Rasul

Orienting projects towards achieving environmental equity in public administration and public infrastructure is an increasingly and long overdue priority in our communities. This new report focuses on how community voice and choice can direct investments so benefits are woven into projects that manage rainwater to boost Los Angeles' water supply and environmental water quality. This research, from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Stantec encourages that the expertise held by members of communities be the source for initiating and developing projects that benefit communities while managing water resources.

Read the full report – Equity in Stormwater Investments: Measuring Community Engagement and Disadvantaged Community Benefits for Equitable Impact in the Safe Clean Water Program – to understand how comprehensive public engagement can produce equitable stormwater infrastructure spending that yields multiple benefits aligned with the priorities of its community.

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