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Evolving roles of the workplace designer

March 31, 2023

By Christopher Miller

Chris Miller explores the many hats a designer wears when creating an office environment that engages and inspires employees, in Work Design magazine

Picture this: it’s 2019. The market is hot, skylines are dotted with cranes, and office design continues to shift as the 6×6 workstation takes hold. Metrics for design of the workplace are well established and for most clients the factors involved in designing new spaces comes down to flexibility, change management for individuals being moved out of the office, and whether to opt for an amenity element to keep staff engaged. Workplace strategists have guided clients efficiently through the process and argued for these metrics while designer’s work to customize the resulting space to the client brand.

As we get closer to a “post-pandemic world,” the purpose of the office, and thus its design, has seen many shifts. At the start of the pandemic, the office operated as a collaborative and cultural hub with the workforce operating almost entirely from home. The next phase introduced the hybrid model which soon led to the realization that the workplace is not a one hybrid fits all. Today, workplace design has become fragmented from a single set of rules and metrics into a myriad of approaches.

Read the ful article in Work Design Magazine.

  • Christopher Miller

    A principal working with our team in Philadelphia, Christopher is a passionate project manager. With nearly 25 years of experience, his work is largely focused on higher education and corporate/workplace projects.

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