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A global, standard approach to tailings, finally

September 30, 2020

Current View

Amanda Adams speaks with International Mining about the new Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management and what it means for the mining sector

Only 19 months after the January 25, 2019 tailings dam failure in Brazil, a global tailings standard has been released. During the August 5, 2020, official online launch of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management, moderator Antonia Mihaylova announced that more than 2,000 participants had joined. This number represents only a fraction of the people who contributed to the development of the Standard, and an even smaller fraction of the people and companies who will ultimately be impacted by it. Principal Tailings Engineer and Project Manager Amanda Adams outlines the importance behind the release of the Standard.

  • Amanda Adams

    A project manager and designer for tailing storage dams all over the world, Amanda combines her love of geology with her passion for promoting careers for women in engineering.

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