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Published in Water e-Journal: Building a Water Resilient Town

March 19, 2019

Current View

Integrated water cycle saves water at Googong

By Chiew Wong (Stantec), Katherine Hurley (Stantec), Craig Harris (Googong Township)

This paper presents the journey of Googong IWC project. Conceptualised in 2002, the proejct involved some 15 years of planning, design, approvals, and asset delivery. To date, the Stage 1 IWC assets have been fully delivered. This has enabled Googong to be a thriving town of some 2,000 people after a short period of three years since the first residents moved in.

Preliminary flow monitoring analyses suggest that the town is well on its way of achieving its originally stated goal—to be a water resilient town where 18,000 people will use the same amount of water that 6,500 normally would.

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