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To Achieve the Benefits of Daylighting, Understand the Challenges

October 09, 2020

Lighting expert Seth Ely shares the wellness and productivity benefits of daylighting with Building Operating Management magazine

While many of us spend much of our days inside, we also know, perhaps intuitively, that sunshine streaming through the windows not only provides light, but improves our mood. Indeed, science is showing that daylight can help us work or learn.

“Light is an important part to using and experiencing a space,” says Seth Ely, senior lighting designer with Stantec. After all, he points out, humans evolved around daylight and around being connected to the outdoors and able to experience a natural 24-hour cycle. “Daylight has health benefits beyond visual acuity,” he adds.

Read the full article in Building Operating Management.

  • Seth Ely

    After 15 years of experience, Seth’s passion for lighting design has helped complete art museums, public spaces, civic buildings, educational facilities, and more.

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