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Enhancing Montreal’s public spaces through strategic urban design

May 29, 2024

Enhancing Montreal’s public spaces through strategic urban design

Montreal has always been recognized for its diverse and dynamic public spaces, which define the urban experience for visitors, workers, tourists, and residents.

Stantec partnered with the Downtown Business Development Corporation “Montréal centre-ville” to implement its very first strategy for enhancing open spaces in the heart of the metropolis, continuing to elevate the attractiveness and vibrancy of the downtown area.

Drawing on global best practices in design, the Stantec team developed a strategic plan intended as a practical, flexible, and accessible toolkit to consistently guide downtown urban development for decades to come. This plan identifies the potential of 60 open spaces spread across four neighborhoods and proposes tailored actions that take into account the heritage, history, and environment of each location.

  • Eadeh Attarzadeh

    Eadeh is an urban planner and designer, experienced in campus and neighborhood planning, public space design, and structural corridor redevelopment. She’s a team leader at Stantec’s Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture Studio in Montreal.

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  • Aude Tessier

    Aude is an urban planner who specializes in the planning and revitalization of urban and suburban corridors, transforming them into total living environments.

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