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Design Quarterly Issue 21 | Adaptive Reuse

April 04, 2024

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Thoughts, trends, and innovation from the Stantec Buildings group

The Stantec Design Quarterly tells stories that showcase thoughtful, forward-looking approaches to design that build community. In this issue:

New life for buildings

As the building industry refocuses its sustainability efforts on embodied carbon in buildings, building reuse is having a moment in the spotlight. While reducing emissions is a good justification for keeping that foundation and steel frame, it’s not the whole story. The architectural character and materiality of older buildings is in high demand. In settings from business districts to malls, finding new uses for 20th century buildings is critical to reinvigorating these places for our age. We can’t achieve all of this without understanding the financial hurdles to reuse. 

In this issue:

  • Exploring net zero design and reuse with Houston’s Astrodome.
  • Preparing for building performance standards in cities
  • Heritage, carbon and space drive many forms of building reuse.
  • What it takes to revive a declining mall
  • How office building conversion can revitalize downtowns.
  • What to look for in asset repositioning


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