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3 trends guiding architectural design trends for autism providers

May 13, 2024

Stephen Parker tells Behavioral Health Business how we design spaces with sensitivity to stimuli and the senses for autistic patients

Developing spaces specifically for patients with autism and related conditions offers unique design opportunities to help them navigate the built environment.

How structures are built has a massive influence on the quality of life for people with autism.  According to a 2021 scoping review by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, several studies have emphasized how the altered perception of sensory stimuli and processing of information coming from the environment is one of the main issues for people with autism. In many instances, people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) simply don’t have the opportunity to autonomously interact with the built environment because it can’t accommodate their specific spatial needs. 

Read the full article in Behavioral Health Business.

  • Stephen Parker

    Stephen is an architect, medical planner, and behavioral health subject matter expert. His focus on research, best practice development, and positive patient outcomes is helping advance Stantec’s global Behavioral Health team.

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