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Early childhood education in the modern world

April 02, 2024

Pre-K students today only know post-pandemic life. Remote learning, virtual connections, tablet technology—these are all normal to our young learners. The impact on early education underscores how essential it is for the learning environment to stimulate curiosity and exploration while promoting safety and comfort. It also highlights the crucial role of architects in designing spaces that foster sensory learning, risk-based play, and sustainability concepts.

At Stantec, we understand this critical stage of cognitive development well and work hard to create environments that optimize learning experiences and prioritize early childhood education. Watch to learn more about how important creating a sense of place and engaging with the community is for providing the best possible education for our children.

  • Parul Vyas

    Parul works with educators, facility planners, and community leaders to create learning environments fit for the twenty-first century.

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