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MBTA Communities & By Right Housing

At Stantec, we call Massachusetts home. And we can help ease the state’s housing supply crunch, and at the same time provide by right zoning options for multifamily housing near transit stations to meet the MBTA Communities Zoning initiative.

Smarter community development with complete neighborhoods

We know strong communities don’t just happen—they’re built. They’re creatively imagined, collaboratively planned, and readied to face tomorrow with optimism. That’s why in Community Development at Stantec, we take our promise to design with community in mind straight to the heart of cities and towns. 
Massachusetts is at the cutting-edge of driving solutions that address the housing crisis, including the landmark MBTA Communities zoning legislation for by-right multifamily. 
Our innovative and multidisciplinary team is working with communities to understand the impact and create a holistic vision for future station areas. We believe this process can create a safer, resilient, economically-vibrant, and equitable world.

Our zoning, smart mobility, and urban design experts are shaping the future by merging existing land use and transportation approaches with next generation solutions. We’re focused on helping our communities develop policies, test solutions, and leverage data.

We call Massachusetts and these MBTA communities home. We are fully committed and personally invested in the goal of moving towards a sustainable and equitable future together. We take our responsibility as a global design leader seriously, constantly collaborating to deliver high-performing community development environments that contribute to better mobility, inspire collaboration, and ultimately create a better world.

Meet Our Team

Phil Schaeffing, Senior Planner, Urban Designer

From helping cities revitalize their downtown or creating new neighborhood centers, my goal is to create plans that benefit everyone.
Phil Schaeffing Senior Planner, Urban Designer Read More

Jason Schrieber, Senior Principal

Mobility is not about moving vehicles. It’s about giving all people better access to their daily needs in a smart, equitable and efficient manner. Whether by car, bus, bike, scooter or on foot, multi-modal travel is our passion.

Alison LeFlore, Senior Planner

When the public has clarity, they’re empowered with choice in their community. Partnership is the key to consensus and lasting change.

Phil Schaeffing

Senior Planner, Urban Designer

Jason  Schrieber

Senior Principal

Alison LeFlore

Senior Planner

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