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Design Quarterly Issue 07 | Adapting to Change

October 10, 2019

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Thoughts, trends, and innovation from the Stantec Buildings group

The Stantec Design Quarterly tells stories that showcase thoughtful, forward-looking approaches to design that build community 


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As designers, we strive to create spaces, buildings and communities that thrive for decades to come. And yet, we live in a time of rapid change—due in large part to technological innovation, but also in response to a changing climate. City life is desirable again. But how can cities transform their languishing assets into amenities that enhance community, economy, and culture? How can we strike a balance between designs that fit life today, while remaining flexible and responsive to changes we can’t foresee? In this issue, we look at the rapid pace of change and how it influences innovative design and engineering solutions from Sacramento to Perth.

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