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August 23, 2023

Dr. Rick Guthrie and Jeff Albee join the podcast to discuss using technology to help prepare communities against the impacts of extreme weather

How digital technology can prepare and protect communities against severe weather

In this episode, co-hosts Dave Roberts and Mike Arsenault discuss the increasing severity of extreme weather events and how digital applications can be used to help bolster communities’ preparation and protection against heavy rainfall. They are joined by two guests: Dr. Rick Guthrie, a geohazards expert and the brain behind Stantec’s Slope Manager and Jeff Albee, vice president of digital solutions and the champion of Flood Predictor and Flood Manager.

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  • Jeff Albee

    Jeff supports science, engineering, and design technology advancements from the earliest research to the maintenance phase of Stantec’s digital products and projects.

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  • Richard Guthrie

    Richard brings over 25 years of experience in geotechnical analysis and expert advice, gaining some impressive industry recognition along the way.

    Contact Richard
  • Mike Arsenault

    As a product ambassador, Mike brings our innovative ideas and solutions to life, helping our clients and communities address a wide range of challenges with digital technology.

    Contact Mike
  • Dave Roberts

    Dave is responsible for all aspects of IT within the Global region including transformational change, solution development and driving innovation with disruptive technologies.

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