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The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: How Agencies Can Position for Funding

December 10, 2021

Current View

By Heidi Peper, Amy Broughton and David Goldwater

Our funding and research experts summarize the details of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

  • Heidi Peper

    As our senior funding leader, Heidi leads a coordinated effort between finding and securing funding, building strong relationships, and identifying opportunities to provide greater value to clients.

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  • Amy Broughton

    Focused on supporting municipal and utility clients, Amy helps find funding for critical infrastructure projects. She also oversees the US West North American funding program, matching funding specialists to client business challenges.

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  • David Goldwater

    David leads our US Policy team, managing legislative, regulatory, and public policy changes at federal, state, and local levels. He supports client relations, strategic pursuits, and corporate marketing and branding efforts across North America.

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