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Four reasons to consider adaptive reuse and retrofitting

November 11, 2020

By Blake Jackson

For High-Profile, sustainability design leader Blake Jackson shares why it’s important to look at existing buildings in the development of new space

To reach net zero carbon, we’re going to have to design new buildings with carbon appetites (embodied and operational) of slim to none. But before we build another building, there’s one carbon-reducing practice that’s worth exploring: taking a serious look at existing buildings.

Broadly speaking, when one takes life cycle and embodied carbon into account, there’s nothing greener than a building that already exists. And reducing carbon footprint is just the beginning – there are several good reasons to look at existing buildings in the development of new space.

Read the full article at High-Profile.

  • Blake Jackson

    Blake is a passionate architect who specializes in designing and implementing stewardship (sustainability, wellness, and resiliency) for a variety of projects and industries.

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