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How high-performance buildings attract high-performing people

July 06, 2022

Stantec’s Aida Leon, Mark Price and Elliot Alfirevich speaks with the Property Council of Australia about how high-performance buildings attract high-performing people

By Aida Leon, Mark Price, and Elliot Alfirevich 

As Australian businesses feel the pinch to attract top-tier talent in the labour market, employers are leveraging on sustainable and healthy buildings to help sweeten the employee value proposition. A recent survey from PwC suggests that 22% of employees are prioritising their health and wellbeing beyond all other workplace benefits, including remuneration.

So, what does this mean for companies and their efforts in creating attractive built environments for employees?

Stantec's Sustainability Section Manager, Mark Price, believes businesses are motivated to prove a sense of difference to employees not through their pay cheques but in what they're doing and value as an organisation. "The point of difference is not an extra ten grand in your pocket. It's what a business is doing from a purpose perspective. People want to know: 'Is this business aligned with my higher values?'."

Aida Leon, Senior Sustainability Engineer at Stantec, adds that her current workload includes modern workplace projects in Perth, which all have several common qualities.

“Companies are increasingly putting health and wellbeing of building occupants at the forefront of their design briefs,” she says.

Read the full article in Property Australia.

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