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How to Plan Office Space When Temporary Becomes Permanent

March 07, 2022

Designer Heidi Dunn tells Building Operating Management how workspaces are transforming from a traditional to hybrid approach

When the pandemic started to impact the U.S. in March 2020, facility managers, like many Americans, probably shared the mindset that the inconveniences would last a few weeks. The country would shut down for a short period, the threat of spreading COVID-19 would go away, and we would all go back to our regular way of life. 

The empty institutional and commercial buildings, typically buzzing with employees and other building occupants, would soon return to full or near occupancy. Working from home would become a phrase of the past.

Read full article in Building Operating Management.

  • Heidi Dunn

    Heidi has developed workplace interiors and Science & Tech facilities, but Heidi’s primary passion is driving hospitality designs.

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