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Navigating the Complexity of the Hybrid Workplace Design Process

February 03, 2023

By Michelle Reyman

Learn about the considerations needed to help hybrid work environments offer a holistic experience when Michelle Reyman talks to Work Design magazine.

Workplace design has become increasingly complex, and the pandemic significantly accelerated the technology-assisted evolution of the workplace. Hybrid workplace design, while not an entirely new phenomenon, has taken over the market as a dominate strategy. Both clients and designers now struggle with managing the complexity of the hybrid approach and determining the right solutions for their projects. Along with the complex demands of a hybrid work environment, we have seen social and environmental justice emerge as another layer of consideration in workplace design. For many client organizations environmental, social, and governance (ESG) assessments are further influencing the goals for design projects.

Read the full article in Work Design magazine.

  • Michelle Reyman

    A principal, Michelle focuses on workplace space utilization and leading designers and architects through strategy development.

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