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Research + Benchmarking Issue 03 | Planting Seeds

February 08, 2023

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Research + Benchmarking (R+B) insights

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Enriching environments, lasting partnerships, nurturing success

Insights and innovative ideas from Stantec’s Research + Benchmarking team

As designers we take responsibility for how buildings impact lives. We want to ensure the buildings we design support and improve human life. This responsibility drives our ongoing research and benchmarking efforts, which include studying the latest thinking and evaluating our recent design work to yield insights that help us refine existing approaches.


R+B is about planting seeds – for the next project, the next big idea, the next generation.

In this issue, we look at how research on play-based and sensory learning informs our design for young learners. We explore how partnerships are essential to connecting career and technical education to today’s dynamic job market. We evaluate our research with educators and students at Lawrence Technological University and the Interior Design Educator’s Council on mentorship in the new hybrid work environment. We explain the need, the power and potential of a new benchmarking tool we have developed that will help us and our clients make more informed decisions.

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