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5 recommendations to cultivate digital-forward innovation in the built environment

December 02, 2020

By Jon Gustafson and Clint Johnson

For Civil + Structural Engineer, Jon Gustafson and Clint Johnson explore geospatial data governance, risk management, and standardization

Digital innovation in the built environment is increasingly evident in many areas of project delivery. This includes – but isn’t limited to – automating workflows and processes, enriching practice and service delivery, and implementing various technologies such as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for remote geospatial data collection.

In general, the engineering and construction industry is slow to adopt many of these digital innovations for a variety of reasons; however, there is growing interest and acute need to understand specific strategies that can be implemented to improve safety, accelerate maturity, and improve program and project delivery. These recommended strategies focus on data governance, data risk management, effectively using location-enabled technologies, standardization, and data-driven decision support systems.

Read the full article at Civil + Structural Engineer.

  • Jon Gustafson

    A geospatial services senior principal, Jon deploys transformative digital innovations for his clients’ programs and projects—across a wide range of markets and industries. He’s also professionally certified as a project manager and surveyor.

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  • Clint Johnson

    Although Clint takes a pragmatic approach to all the geomatics work that comes through the office, he has a passion for projects that impact the community as a whole

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