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The Construction Record Podcast™–Episode 342–Stantec’s Jag Singh on small modular reactors

April 16, 2024

Stantec’s Jag Singh was featured on the Construction Record Podcast where he talks about small modular reactors and their role in the energy transition

On this episode of The Construction Record Podcast™, digital media editor Warren Frey speaks with Stantec nuclear lead and engineering manager Jag Singh about small modular reactor (SMR) technology and its potential uses in western Canada.

Singh explained SMRs are a smaller, more flexible and modularized plant which consume much less water than conventional reactors and can make use of alternative nuclear fuel including material that previously was considered as waste material. He also pointed out while SMRs are generating new interest, the idea has been around since the mid-1950s when a version of the technology was used in nuclear submarines, but these are a leap forward in safety with reactors that become less reactive as they are hotter and others that run at normal atmospheric pressure, eliminating the hazard of a meltdown. 

He also touched on how SMR technology can be used in western Canada and Alberta specifically to assist in oil and gas work by generating emission-free steam power and pointed to increased energy demand across the Prairies as a use case for adoption of SMR technology as well as conventional nuclear power.

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  • Jag Singh

    Jag has extensive experience in the nuclear energy, renewable, and oil and gas sectors—providing solutions for a sustainable, clean energy future. He specializes in nuclear energy and small modular reactors.

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