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How mega events can be catalysts for change

September 29, 2022

Stantec’s Will Fooks speaks with Create - Engineers Australia about how mega events such have the power to catalyse structural change for our cities

“Mega events have the ability to really shift the dial and to change not only what you’re aiming to do, but also act as a catalyst within the macro environment to effect wider change.”

Evidence shows that mega events such as the Olympic or Commonwealth Games can have a resounding impact on the effectiveness of change programs in the host city of a worldwide sporting event, for example.

But, the events in and of themselves will not simply create change out of thin air.

“We need to set the trajectory now to be able to have the benefit of the games being a catalyst event in 10 years time.”

Read the full article on Create.

  • Will Fooks

    Will is a transportation and city planner with international experience across the public and private sectors. He has in-depth understanding of international best practice, city design, transport systems, and how to make change happen.

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