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Small scale hydroelectric power plants used to possibly solve California's energy crisis

October 20, 2022

Don Erpenbeck was featured in a CBS News segment where he highlights the benefits of pumped storage projects

On the brink of blackouts this past summer, California's demand for power set records, and now some utility companies are looking to produce more power using water. So, engineers from across the country gathered in Sacramento to explore new hydroelectric technology and discover solutions to the State’s energy challenges.

Among the engineers there was Don Erpenbeck, Vice President & Global Sector Leader, Dams & Hydropower. Don was there to highlight the benefits of pumped storage and how these projects can provide reliability in times of need. Essentially known as a “water battery”, pumped storage projects can power the grid when other forms of energy like solar or wind power aren’t available.

Watch the full clip here.

  • Donald  Erpenbeck

    Donald is vice president bringing more than 20 years of experience to our valued hydropower clients.

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