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Design Quarterly Issue 15 | Reuse and Revitalization

April 06, 2022

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Thoughts, trends, and innovation from the Stantec Buildings group

The Stantec Design Quarterly tells stories that showcase thoughtful, forward-looking approaches to design that build community. 


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Finding new purposes for buildings

Building reuse isn’t a new idea but is currently enjoying a resurgence, and with good reason. It offers distinct economic, social, and environmental advantages to our clients and communities. Reuse projects tend to have shorter delivery times, require less embodied carbon expenditure, can be less expensive than building new, and often give clients a chance to tap into history and storytelling to connect their brand and business to the communities they serve. With those benefits in mind, we’re highlighting reuse as a strategy for urban revitalization. In this issue, we look at the power of reuse and revitalization to enhance wellness, equity, sustainability, affordability, and culture within our cities and neighborhoods.

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