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February 22, 2023

Arthur Coevert and Christiaan Jolly discuss how the Netherlands is revolutionizing underground projects with instant soil quality insights

Optimizing decision making

In this episode, we dig down into the world of Dutch soil and learn how technology is being used to provide instant insights into soil quality. Host Dave Roberts is joined by Arthur Coevert, Environmental Services Account Manager, and Christiaan Jolly, Business Development Manager. They tell us how the tech can help utility and construction companies make quick—and compliant—decisions.

Learn more about Soil Risk Map.

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  • Arthur Coevert

    Arthur brings 23 years’ experience in remediation and soil research to developing Stantec’s Soil Risk Map app—an innovative app that provides details on soil quality and safety measures in the Netherlands before underground utility work is performed.

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  • Dave Roberts

    Dave is responsible for all aspects of IT within the Global region including transformational change, solution development and driving innovation with disruptive technologies.

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