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Supplemental Grouting at Neelum-Jhelum Dam

February 05, 2021

Current View

Joseph Kovacich and Masrour Kizilbash, discuss supplemental grouting at the Neelum-Jhelum Dam in Pakistan with United States Society on Dams

The Neelum-Jhelum Hydroelectric Project, located near Muzaffarabad in the state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in northeastern Pakistan, was developed by the Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA) of Pakistan and has operated since 2018. The project utilizes a gross head of 430 meters by diverting water from the Neelum River using a dam and intake works at Nauseri to the lower branch of the Jhelum River through a 29-km-long tunnel system and underground powerhouse complex with installed generating capacity of 969 MW.

About the Authors

Joseph is a GeoPractice Lead and Principal Geological Engineer with over 19 years of experience specializing in rock mechanics. He has worked on a variety of projects involving tunnels, caverns, pipelines, dams, pumped storage and conventional hydroelectric facilities, pump stations, navigation locks, and water and wastewater conveyance project in the US and internationally.

Masrour is a specialist in Dam Construction; Dam Safety; Foundation treatment; grouting; tunneling and underground stabilization; permanent support, Earthworks and Geo-technical Engineering. He has over four decades of hands-on experience in engineering geology, specializing in all types of grouting for seepage control and consolidation, foundation improvements and repairs of existing structures.

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