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The largest public charging station in the US showcases the challenges facing developers

October 08, 2020

Current View

By Mike Voll and Wicus Postma

Mike Voll and Wicus Postma discuss the future of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure with PowerGrid International

As we continue to move towards clean energy and keep up with the increase in demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, the largest public charging station in the United States has opened in Pasadena, CA. The Marengo Charging Plaza consists of 44 “fast” chargers. Compared to the 4 chargers you would typically find at any given location, that is quite the increase. Our experts discuss some of the benefits, challenges and potential for future EV station growth. 

  • Mike Voll

    Mike Voll has a deep passion for innovation and creative application of engineering principles.

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  • Wicus Postma

    Wicus specializes in conceptual design and project management and leads our Energy and Resources practice. He focuses on lean manufacturing and collaborative team building.

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