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Up for the Challenge

October 12, 2022

Current View

Brian Mashford shares with International Mining magazine how the role of a mining consultant is changing amid a competitive employment landscape

There are lots of changes happening in the mining industry—with both an overall skills shortage and a push for decarbonization, opportunities abound for mining consultants. Brian Mashford shares how consultants have been taking on a larger role in capacities that a mining company typically would have managed internally. This includes technical services groups in operations.

Brian also anticipates mining companies relying more on consultants to monitor net zero and decarbonization initiatives. A consultant can come in for third party review, conduct baseline studies, provide recommendations, or monitor progress. He mentions how we, Stantec, also help mining companies achieve and leverage smaller carbon footprints to attract market premiums, while helping them avoid penalties for high carbon emissions.

  • Brian Mashford

    In his many years of engineering, Brian has worked primarily in the mining industry including several years of hands-on work in structural engineering and design.

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