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Applying the 3Rs to mine ventilation

November 08, 2023

Current View

By Kim Trapani

Stantec’s Kim Trapani talks about reducing, reusing, and recycling in terms of airflow and ventilation with Canadian Mining Journal

If you’ve ever been in an underground mine, you know how important ventilation is. It is critical for safety, reducing diesel particulates in the air, providing quality air to breathe, and heating or cooling. In underground mines, ventilation can account for up to 50% of the total mine energy use. Mining ventilation project specialist Kim Trapani shares how to ventilate mines efficiently. By diving into opportunities for reducing, reusing, and recycling airflow in underground mines, Kim shares how the industry is taking steps towards making ventilation more cost effective and sustainable. 

  • Kim Trapani

    Passionate about finding sustainable solutions that reduce society’s impact on the environment, Kim is a ventilation engineer working with our team in Phoenix, Arizona.

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