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Confidence in conveyance

September 11, 2023

Current View

While the basics of hoisting haven’t changed, this International Mining Magazine article outlines advances in technology and safety

Derek Naude, Mining Mechanical Engineer and Designer, chats with International Mining about hoisting (page 3). He reiterates that the fundamentals of hoisting haven’t changed, but the mines of today have changed—demanding both deeper mines and higher payloads. Can a hoisting system be sustainable? Due to the high amount of energy hoisting requires, energy efficiency can be challenging. Derek talks efficiency and sustainability in hoisting. An ever-present theme in mining, Derek also discusses safety and the regulations around safety standards for hoisting systems in the United States.

  • Derek Naude

    Derek’s specialty is in deep-level shaft design and large-capacity hoisting systems. Derek values hard work and commitment, and he dedicates himself to supporting the goals of his clients.

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