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Filtering through: Trends in tailings management

April 30, 2024

Current View

Stantec’s Resa Furey and Michael Stine talk tailings reprocessing with International Mining Magazine

Despite the promise of reprocessing tailings, we have yet to see valorization adopted on a significant scale. Resa Furey and Michael Stine aim to answer the question: What’s holding us back?

Many of the barriers are not new to the mining industry—facing technical and financial challenges. Resa and Michael go on to share examples of successful tailings rerouting for tellurium extraction, and another example of generating revenue from bauxite residue. They conclude by mentioning that creating a truly circular economy in the mining industry should be viewed as a reward in and of itself. 

  • Resa Furey

    As our marketing and business development manager for global Mining, Resa works to promote our Company while keeping our clients’ goals in the forefront of all our work.

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  • Michael Stine

    Michael is a mineral and energy economist with a background in mining engineering who analyzes data for mining clients, investment firms, and senior US policy makers and combines economic thinking with technical engineering to maximize project value.

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