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Key water megatrends with Arthur Umble

January 23, 2024

Arthur Umble appeared on The Water Values Podcast to explore the core elements influencing our sustainable global water future

How are global water megatrends reshaping the way we think about and manage our most precious resource? In an interview with The Water Values Podcast, Arthur Umble explains that there are knowledge gaps that we need to fill to develop strategies that address water stress.

He discusses how core elements—like urbanization, transboundary waters, socioeconomic challenges, the changing climate, and agricultural productivity—are influencing the future availability of water.

Listen to the interview via The Water Values Podcast and learn more about issues that contribute to global water stress.

  • Arthur Umble

    As the lead for Stantec's Institute for Applied Science, Technology & Policy, Arthur’s position involves developing strategies and providing solutions for complex wastewater treatment challenges.

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