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Delivering the Goods: Urban freight in the age of e-commerce

December 06, 2022

Moving freight more equitably, sustainably, and efficiently will positively impact our communities

Freight and logistics are traditionally an afterthought for designers, whether it’s related to building or street design. Cities have historically left freight management to the private sector, with individual operators managing how, when, and where goods are delivered. With the massive uptick in e-commerce and urban freight, how freight is planned for is becoming a city design and quality of life issue. Better planning guidelines are needed to address traffic congestion, pollution, road safety, and noise.

Stantec partnered with a multi-committee task force within the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter to look at how we can advance freight policy by advocating for more efficient, equitable, and sustainable goods movement. By focusing on the middle-mile to last-mile segments of the supply chain with four existing delivery scenarios and offering alternative prototypes to the current state of goods movement, we see opportunities for improvements that will benefit the entire city.

Delivering the Goods: NYC Urban Freight in the Age of E-Commerce addresses key challenges in four categories: Community, Industry, Policy, and Design. Each offers an analysis of current state scenarios, system-scale strategies, site-scale strategies, and recommended actionable strategies. 

Read the full report at AIA New York.

  • Margaret Newman

    As a practice leader on our Urban Places and Smart Mobility teams, Margaret applies over three decades of expertise to public realm projects and the leadership of multidisciplinary teams.

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  • Amy Seek

    In her position, Amy helps to establish and develop the landscape vision for multidisciplinary projects from waterfronts to urban parks within New York City and across the United States.

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