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Helping you manage COVID-19 project impacts

April 16, 2020

By David Haywood

Stantec’s Program and Project Management experts can help you navigate impacts to project scope, schedule, cost, and quality brought on by the coronavirus pandemic

With the ongoing pandemic, we know projects are having difficulty ramping up—and then down—to meet the demands of mandates and needed responses. In a constrained physical environment, there is doubt around having obtained the necessary resources, personnel, and technical knowledge to ensure projects meet stakeholders and internal needs and is adaptable and flexible today.

Stantec’s Program Management Team has resources, staffing, and expertise to help you meet your program or projects critical needs. We understand it can be very difficult to expand or reduce your workforce when faced with adversity. By choosing Stantec as a trusted partner to augment your program and/or project, we provide you with as much or as little resourcing that allows you to be adaptive during these adverse times.

Our on-call coordination/management services allows us to work remotely across multiple sectors, geographies, and cross-functional engagements. These services include:

  • Owner/Agency Representative Services
  • Project Management
  • Project Coordination and Scheduling
  • Procurement and Contract Administration
  • Program Tracking and Reporting
  • Construction/Site Management
  • Administrative Support
  • Project Controls

Stantec’s partnership provides you with the opportunity to navigate impacts to schedule, cost, quality, resourcing, and stakeholder demands with clarity to make critical and timely decisions.

Resist the urge to react without strategy

In these rapidly changing and uncertain times, have you stopped to think how resilient is your current business plan?

Our Program Management Team has the expertise in finance, economics, funding, business analytics, organizational behavior management, and critical thinking to guide strategy development.

We will collaborate with you to understand your business partnerships, assets, program or product life cycles, finance models, supply chains, regulatory requirements—looking at your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats—to develop the framework for your strategic planning.

Our Program Management Team will advise on strategic direction, project economics, and capital planning by providing business- and finance-advisory services along with project management and architectural and engineering consulting services.

Our track record in strategic planning has helped our clients prioritize and justify expenditures, allowing them to maximize the impacts of available funding, optimize life-cycle costs, and maximize return on investments.

Engaged and informed

What are the effective attributes of a successful construction-procurement strategy?

Contracting strategy can impact success of a project. Delivery method should consider available options; be defendable to senior management; and meet procurement guidelines for fairness, transparency, and best value.

So, what happens when a key link in your supply chain becomes a nonessential business?

Stantec’s Project Management Team provides Procurement Management, Purchasing Services, and Contract Administration where we are actively engaged in multiple strategies to mitigate delays in sourcing materials for the project. Supply chain strength is a cornerstone for a project in today’s pandemic environment.

Implementing industry/market sounding on an ongoing basis is a way to gauge level of interest, capacity, and emerging trends. Looking ahead, checking, and reporting back on potential supply chain constraints, identifying alternative suppliers, alternative equipment and materials, and alternative methods of delivery are value-added services provided by Stantec.

By remaining engaged and informed, we can provide our clients an understanding of when it may be necessary to source new materials when there are bottlenecks or supply chain issues.

Emerge from the crisis

Everything we do today has an emphasis on health and safety. We’re all focused on social distancing, reducing social activities, and washing our hands.

Our team continually strives to improve the safe and efficient manner we execute our work. Stantec’s commitment to health and safety is integrated into all aspects of our business. Our Program Management Team often assists with the management of project site health and safety programs during construction.

With respect to health and safety, we play a critical role in reviewing the contractor’s health and safety program. These programs are rapidly changing based upon best practices and recommendations from healthcare professionals. Some of these changes have required that we implement stringent safety protocols and additional communication as recommended by our governing authorities.

In active construction projects, Stantec’s Program Management Team has provided oversight and administration services to provide a key monitoring role. We’re there to confirm that the contractor has fully implemented the approved program in today’s environment, including safe practices as they relate to the coronavirus.

Working together the new norm will emerge from this crisis.


Stantec’s Program Management Team represents owners and provides independent project management solutions to public and private sector clients undertaking multi-project capital programs or a single, stand-alone capital project. Our team is comprised of project management professionals with diverse backgrounds in engineering and architecture, servicing both public and private sector clients. We specialize in providing project planning, implementation, management, and control solutions for all types of projects in the following markets buildings, energy and resources, environmental, infrastructure, and water.

Our services are consistent with the best practices established in the industry and endorsed by the Project Management Institute. Our offering goes well beyond the scope of basic service delivery. We focus on delivering comprehensive services to our clients, recognizing that true value is measured in adaptability to need, comprehensiveness, and quality of service delivery.

We believe it is critical that a well-managed process be established for the delivery of your project that meets both your needs and the complexity of your project. At Stantec, we believe in providing our clients with fair value where the benefits surpass pricing. Our clients benefit through the education and experience of our personnel and our range of professional project management services.

  • David  Haywood

    David has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of engineering management, construction management, engineering design, and field operations.

    Contact David
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